Package Specifications:

No. of Nights 05 Days 04 Nights
Proposed Month of Travelling MARCH – 2019
Transport As per the Itinerary
Pax  02

Package Price:

HOTELS Per person price
Double Room
4 STAR Hotel Pattaya                      US $507.00
4 STAR Hotel Bangkok


Thailand visa fee     :    USD $ 48.00 Per Person

Package Includes:

  • Daily Breakfast In Hotel
  • Airport Pick & Drop
  • 02 Nights’ Accommodation at chosen Hotel in Pattaya
  • 02 Night ‘ Accommodation at chosen Hotel in Bangkok
  • Al Cazar show Pattaya
  • Coral island Tour Pattaya
  • Chaophraya cruise Dinner Bangkok


  • Package Only & No rooms booked at this stage
  • The rates quoted above are price guide only
  • Rates & Availability may change without prior notice at the time of definite booking
Group Size 02 Pax
Traveling/ Period March 2019
Duration/Stay 06Days / 05Nights
Hotel Category 4* (star)
Meals As per Itinerary
Transport As per Itinerary


Star/Ranking Hotel Per Person Cost

Based on Double Sharing   per Adult

4* (star) Hotel (Deira) on basic (BB) USD $ 590


Visa Fee:  PKR 13,500/- Per person



  • Transfer as per Itinerary
  • 06Day/05 Nights’ accommodation At Dubai in Selected Hotel
  • Daily Breakfast
  • Meet and assist service at Airport
  • Dubai Visa Assistance
  • Dhow Cruise Dinner on Creek Site on with return transfer on Sharing Basis
  • Desert Safari With BBQ Dinner with Return Transfer on Sharing Basis
  • Dubai Parks Visit: 01 Day activity 02 Park entry ticket with return transfer on Private Basis ( Choose any 02 parks:  Bollywood Park – Motion Gate – Legoland Theme Park )
  • Full Day Private Car for Visit Jumeirah Beach ( with guide ) +  Visit Shopping Malls + Dubai mall to Watch Fountain Show  with return transfer on Private basis ( Vehicle provide Only 10 Hours )
  • Dubai Half Day City tour on Private Basis

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