Book Hotels in Nathia Gali at Best Prices

NathiaGali, Pakistan

Located at a distance of around 34 kilometers away from Abbottabad and Murree, Nathiagali is a mountainous town that served as the summer getaway for the Commissioner of Peshawar in the era of the British Rule. Part of the Galyat range, Nathia Gali is one of the most beautiful places in the country and a place where one can see all of the capital city from above and just bask in the beauty of this place.

Hotels and Guest Houses in Nathia Gali

Since Nathiagali is one of the major tourist attraction for a majority of locals and foreigners that go for a trip to the northern, hotels and guest houses in nathia gali should be of no concern to you. There are a plenty of good, inexpensive and affordable hotels in Nathiagali that you have nothing to worry about. From budget friendly motels to high-end luxury hotels, you will find them all.

Visiting Nathiagali on a budget?

Since Nathiagali is a tourist destination, you won’t find all the luxuries and amenities of a modern city but rest assured that all the basic necessities of life are easily available in Nathia Gali. From a wide variety of adequate hotels, motels and guest houses to proper eateries and a wide variety of sights to see, all available at very affordable prices.

Convenience and Accommodation

Nathiagali being a small mountainous town isn’t spread out all that much so the convenience is definitely there, and the hospitality of all the locals just adds to the convenience and makes for a pleasant stay of all individuals. As for accommodation, well you’ve got, what else do you need? Your prime destination for all your hotels and booking needs in Nathiagali.

Transportation in Nathiagali

Nathiagali is connected with other cities through the main road network and since the primary mode of transportation is by cars, visitors can face disruption in the months of December and January due to snowfalls.