Faisalabad, Pakistan Travel Guide

Visit Faisalabad- City of Textiles

Faisalabad is the third largest city in Pakistan and is located just 120Kms from the city of Lahore. A business hub, the town is home to numerous textile mills and other major industries. The reason for the rapid expansion and heavy investment in the area has been due to its strategic location and being in close proximity to a rail junction.

Attractions in Faisalabad

Faisalabad is a wondrous city to visit and once there, there are numerous sites to visit while on vacation. One of the first and the foremost places that one must visit while in Faisalabad is the Faisalabad clock tower. The tower, constructed at the time of the British Raj, is still in its original construction state. For the tourists that love history, the town of Faisalabad is a wonderful treat. Head down to the old part of the city and see the remains of temples, ancient mosques and other historical sights and buildings. Take a walk in the Jinnah Gardens and walk the same paths as people did a century ago; established in the year 1890, the park is a historic sight and was once a social venue for the British diplomats and officers.

Getting to Faisalabad

Being an industrial hub, there are various ways in which you can reach Faisalabad, the easiest way however, to get to Faisalabad is through the Faisalabad International airport.

Hotels in Faisalabad

Being a business hub, a lot of tourists and travelers in the region are businessmen looking for a fine hotel and luckily Faisalabad has them in abundance. Stay at luxury hotels such as the Garvaish Luxury hotel and the Hotel One Faisalabad.


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