Had a Great Experience With Serene Airline Menus, Interior, Meals And Seats

As the airline market is getting hard every year with new airlines entering into the business. Serene Air chooses a different approach to tackle this competition.

Serene Air operates state of the art brand new Boeing 737-800 aircrafts an unforgettable experience for its passengers. Along with other experience to remember as:

Different menu

Getting tired of having the same menu. We select different menu everyday to give you a new experience every time you travel with us.

Unforgettable sky interior

Serene Air is pushing the boundaries to make you travelling worth remembering. A spacious bold interior with LED lighting precisely placed to give perfect balance for leisure, work or rest. This lighting interior is known as Boeing sky interior with new mood lighting feature to give you unprecedented inflight experience.

Extra leg space

Our new Boeing planes offers comfortable leg space so you can enjoy your sound journey.

Full meal on board

As being a Pakistani airline we fully understand how to host our guests according to the business and cultural standards. Serving reasonable quantity and quality food is our top priority to each and every individual on board. Making it another reason to choosing Serene Air.

Advance allocation of seats

This feature allows to allocate your favorite seat at the time booking process. We let you enjoy complete freedom of choice for opting any seat of you like.


Caring and friendly cabin crew

We having professionally trained cabin crew to attend to your needs. This crew is the face of our company so you should expect nothing less than perfect.

Cockpit crew trained by Boeing

Serene airlines fully understand the responsibilities that rest at the shoulders of our cockpit crew. Therefore, we handpicked the individual’s and trained them Boeing to deliver safe and serene flying experience.


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