Hotels and Guest Houses in Karachi at Best Prices

Hotels in Karachi

The life and blood of the beloved province of Sindh and of Pakistan, Karachi is the metropolitan city and the industrial hub that keeps this country up and running. Karachi is to Pakistan what New York is to the USA or what London is to England, it’s the city of dreams and a place where many come to earn their livelihood. The city that never sleeps, Karachi is one place that always likes to be one step ahead of all the others, be it sports, tourist attractions, nightlife and of course the beach!

Hotels and Guest Houses in Karachi

Since Karachi is a place that is the business hub of the country, it receives a significant amount of tourists and business travelers on a daily basis. The city has a tremendous collection of budget friendly, modest cheap hotels and guest houses to the posh and high end 4 star and five-star hotels such as Marriot, Avari, Pearl Continental and Movenpick hotel. The city has a heart big enough to accommodate people from all walks of life and you can literally find a hotel in Karachi for as little as even 500 rupees.

Visiting Karachi on a budget?

Karachi is the kind of place that is only limited by one’s own imagination. It’s the place where you can find literally anything and everything, from old historic shopping bazaars to the modern and contemporary high-end malls such as the Dolmen Malls and the Ocean mall, from the affordable streets of Zainab market to the high-end fashion center Zamzama Street, people from all walks of life have a place to go and shop in this city. If you are looking to shop in Karachi on a budget then Tariq road and Bahadurabad are the places you need to head to. If you’re a food lover on a budget then Burns road is your savior. But when booking your hotels and accommodation, be sure to ascertain where you will be traveling to frequently as the traffic of the city can get a bit tiresome so it’s best that if you have business near the airport then you should get a hotel near the airport.

Convenience and Accommodation

Being the business and industrial hub that it is, Karachi has literally taken convenience for accommodation to the next level. Regardless of whether you enter Karachi via the airport or through the railway station, you will not be too far away from a hotel or a guest house. Whether you need a guest house in the quiet suburbs of DHA or wish to reside in the Saddar area, rest assured that accommodation is the last thing you need to worry about. After all, is just a click away and has all the major hotels in Karachilisted on its website at the best possible rates.

Transportation in Karachi

The city with a huge score of population that literally is always moving, Karachi has a pretty wide transportation network. Whether it’s public transportation or a taxi or rickshaw, all are easily available in the city. Car-hailing services such as Careem and Uber also have a wide network in the city and are also available at the touch of a button. The city has one airport called the Jinnah International Airport, three railways stations called Cantt Station, City Station, and the Drigh Road Station, there are also various bus terminals such as Daewoo and other bus networks that are always readily available to take people in and out of the city.