Hotels in Peshawar, Pakistan

The capital city of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, Peshawar is a city brimming with vibrance, grace, and beauty. It is basically a representation of what Pakistan was and is. The old beauty mixed with the new generation and a mix of the old culture and heritage merging with the new trends makes Peshawar an exciting place to visit. One of the oldest cities in existence, Peshawar is a place known for its mouth-watering food, rich culture, heritage, and hospitality.

Hotels and Guest Houses in Peshawar

Located in the northern region of the country, Peshawar is a place that is picturesque and truly beautiful. It is a place that one sees in movies and is a place where one wishes to settle in forever. While the hospitality of this place and its people indeed leaves one to not want to go back, they go above and beyond to ensure that your stay is as pleasurable as possible. Brimming with guests throughout the year for its beautiful winters and chilly summers, Peshawar has hotels and guest houses of all types ready to welcome guests with open arms. Whether you are looking for a cheap accommodation solution or want a fancy high-end three-star luxury hotel, you will find them all here at

Visiting Peshawar on a budget?

Peshawar is a city for people of all walks of life. It caters to people whether they come from affluent financial status or a tight with cash. You can find accommodation solutions from as little as Rs 1,000 a day to high-end luxury 3-star hotels. From cheap accommodation solutions to cheap transportation and hotels, one can easily stay in Peshawar on a budget.

Convenience and Accommodation

Peshawar being one of the oldest cities in the region has been properly planned out and provides easy access to accommodation regardless of what mode of transportation you used to enter the city. If you came to the city via the Bacha Khan International Airport, there are a plenty of hotels in close proximity that tourists can stay in. The same goes for when you are coming to the city via the railway station or the bus station.

Transportation in Peshawar

A city that is used for transit for other parts of the country as well, Peshawar has a very modern road network that tourists can use. Modern modes of transportation such as public buses, taxis, and private car rental services are also easily available in the city.