Hotels in Rawalpindi

A district in the province of Punjab, Rawalpindi is the neighboring city of Islamabad and is a vital city in for all of Pakistan. Home to a considerable number of government and Pakistan Army Installations, Rawalpindi is the cheap and affordable neighbor of Islamabad. Spread over 5,000 square kilometers, the city is home to over 7 million people.

Hotels and Guest Houses in Rawalpindi

A place with several tourist attractions, government offices and army headquarters, Rawalpindi has a considerable number of accommodation solutions available in the city. From luxury high end hotels to low budget motels, one can easily find a number of budget friendly, neat and clean as well as safe accommodation solutions here.

Visiting Rawalpindi on a budget?

Rawalpindi is the go to town for the people that are on a budget and not looking to splurge all that much on accommodation, food as well as other things. So if you are on a budget, Rawalpindi is the perfect destination for you. From budget friendly hotels in Rawalpindi to cheap restaurants, one can find it all.

Transportation in Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi sees a lot of traffic go through the city to and from Islamabad, a lot of people that work in Islamabad reside in Rawalpindi which is why there is a very active public transportation network between Islamabad and Rawalpindi. You can catch a metro or car and travel seamlessly between the twin cities.

Naran, Kaghan valley

A beautiful small town in the valley of Kaghan, Naran is a very popular tourist destination and is renowned for its natural scenic beauty and landscape. Located at the base of the Noori Valley, the enchanted beauty of the Valley is enhanced by ten folds with the beautiful lake Saiful Muluk. For anyone headed for a trip to the north, the Kaghan Valley and especially Naran are places that you do not want to miss.

Hotels and Guest Houses in Naran

Being one of the most visited tourist destinations in all of the country, there are a plenty of hotels in Naran that one can book from Whether you are looking for an economical and budget friendly hotel or a high-end hotel in Naran, there is something available for everyone. You can book a hotel in Naran from one with a picturesque view of the lake, or one that opens directly to the mountains, the options are unlimited.

Visiting Naran on a Budget?

When you have, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to budget, we will find you the best and the cheapest hotels in Naran. You can select from high-end luxury hotels to budget friendly motels that suit your needs and budget so you can have the time of your life and also stay within budget and go even further with the money you save. Be it hotels in Naran or restaurants, you can find a wide variety of them that are inexpensive and are really good.

Transportation in Naran

When the Tourism season kicks in, Naran gets a lot of visitors coming in and out of the city via buses. There are jeeps also available for tourists to visit the lake Saiful maluk as well as other tourist destinations.

NathiaGali, Pakistan

Located at a distance of around 34 kilometers away from Abbottabad and Murree, Nathiagali is a mountainous town that served as the summer getaway for the Commissioner of Peshawar in the era of the British Rule. Part of the Galyat range, Nathia Gali is one of the most beautiful places in the country and a place where one can see all of the capital city from above and just bask in the beauty of this place.

Hotels and Guest Houses in Nathia Gali

Since Nathiagali is one of the major tourist attraction for a majority of locals and foreigners that go for a trip to the northern, hotels and guest houses in nathia gali should be of no concern to you. There are a plenty of good, inexpensive and affordable hotels in Nathiagali that you have nothing to worry about. From budget friendly motels to high-end luxury hotels, you will find them all.

Visiting Nathiagali on a budget?

Since Nathiagali is a tourist destination, you won’t find all the luxuries and amenities of a modern city but rest assured that all the basic necessities of life are easily available in Nathia Gali. From a wide variety of adequate hotels, motels and guest houses to proper eateries and a wide variety of sights to see, all available at very affordable prices.

Convenience and Accommodation

Nathiagali being a small mountainous town isn’t spread out all that much so the convenience is definitely there, and the hospitality of all the locals just adds to the convenience and makes for a pleasant stay of all individuals. As for accommodation, well you’ve got, what else do you need? Your prime destination for all your hotels and booking needs in Nathiagali.

Transportation in Nathiagali

Nathiagali is connected with other cities through the main road network and since the primary mode of transportation is by cars, visitors can face disruption in the months of December and January due to snowfalls.

Hotels in Islamabad

The capital city of the country and the place that is known to hold the highest of government offices and institutions, Islamabad is one place that receives people from all over the country on a daily basis. Just like any other capital city, Islamabad too is very organized and poised with a calm and soothing environment and picturesque views all around it. Situated right next to the city of Rawalpindi and the GHQ, there are a lot of people that come to the city for trivial matters as well as leisure activities. With beautiful weather and great scenery, Islamabad is a pit stop city for all tourists looking to travel further up north.

Hotels and Guest Houses in Islamabad

Islamabad is home to a lot of government installations and also has a lot of embassies and foreign offices as well as the Supreme Court, the city receives a lot of business travelers and tourists on a daily basis. With thousands of people coming to the city each day, Hotels are the last of their worries because finding a hotel in Islamabad is one of the easiest of things. With a huge range of hotels and guest houses on every budget, one has nothing to worry about. Whether you are looking for a high-end 5-star hotel in Islamabad or a modest and budget friendly guest house, they are all easily available.

Visiting Islamabad on a budget?

Islamabad is a place notorious for being expensive since it is the capital of the country but contrary to popular belief, there is not much truth to this myth. People from all walks of life can easily live and work in Islamabad as there are various places available for people who are looking for hotels, restaurants or guest houses on a budget.

Convenience and Accommodation

Anyone that’s on a budget usually lives in Rawalpindi and commutes to Islamabad to save on costs but in reality, one simply does not need to do that at all. There are plenty of places to stay in Islamabad that are both comfortable and affordable. All you have to do is visit and browse through the many hotels we have available in Islamabad and simply book your hotel online.

Transportation in Islamabad

The post city that sees a lot of traffic has a comprehensive transportation network comprising of public transport vehicles such as buses, Metro buses, taxis and rickshaws, car-hailing services such as Uber and Careem are also conveniently available in the city. The railway station is located in the nearby town of Rawalpindi, Islamabad has its own international airport called the Benazir Bhutto International Airport.

Hotels in Karachi

The life and blood of the beloved province of Sindh and of Pakistan, Karachi is the metropolitan city and the industrial hub that keeps this country up and running. Karachi is to Pakistan what New York is to the USA or what London is to England, it’s the city of dreams and a place where many come to earn their livelihood. The city that never sleeps, Karachi is one place that always likes to be one step ahead of all the others, be it sports, tourist attractions, nightlife and of course the beach!

Hotels and Guest Houses in Karachi

Since Karachi is a place that is the business hub of the country, it receives a significant amount of tourists and business travelers on a daily basis. The city has a tremendous collection of budget friendly, modest cheap hotels and guest houses to the posh and high end 4 star and five-star hotels such as Marriot, Avari, Pearl Continental and Movenpick hotel. The city has a heart big enough to accommodate people from all walks of life and you can literally find a hotel in Karachi for as little as even 500 rupees.

Visiting Karachi on a budget?

Karachi is the kind of place that is only limited by one’s own imagination. It’s the place where you can find literally anything and everything, from old historic shopping bazaars to the modern and contemporary high-end malls such as the Dolmen Malls and the Ocean mall, from the affordable streets of Zainab market to the high-end fashion center Zamzama Street, people from all walks of life have a place to go and shop in this city. If you are looking to shop in Karachi on a budget then Tariq road and Bahadurabad are the places you need to head to. If you’re a food lover on a budget then Burns road is your savior. But when booking your hotels and accommodation, be sure to ascertain where you will be traveling to frequently as the traffic of the city can get a bit tiresome so it’s best that if you have business near the airport then you should get a hotel near the airport.

Convenience and Accommodation

Being the business and industrial hub that it is, Karachi has literally taken convenience for accommodation to the next level. Regardless of whether you enter Karachi via the airport or through the railway station, you will not be too far away from a hotel or a guest house. Whether you need a guest house in the quiet suburbs of DHA or wish to reside in the Saddar area, rest assured that accommodation is the last thing you need to worry about. After all, is just a click away and has all the major hotels in Karachilisted on its website at the best possible rates.

Transportation in Karachi

The city with a huge score of population that literally is always moving, Karachi has a pretty wide transportation network. Whether it’s public transportation or a taxi or rickshaw, all are easily available in the city. Car-hailing services such as Careem and Uber also have a wide network in the city and are also available at the touch of a button. The city has one airport called the Jinnah International Airport, three railways stations called Cantt Station, City Station, and the Drigh Road Station, there are also various bus terminals such as Daewoo and other bus networks that are always readily available to take people in and out of the city.

The fifth largest city in Pakistan, Multan, also called the city of Saints, is located in the south central Punjab province by the river bank of Chenab. An ancient city with access available from 13 gates has a rich cultural history and is full of colors. A city responsible for giving this country some of the tastiest mangoes that we taste every summer, Multan also offers other various features such as white and blue ceramics and heritage.

Hotels and Guest Houses in Multan

Being a famous tourist destination due to its rich cultural heritage and historic sites, Multan is also a business division and receives a score of guests on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. For this reason, the options of accommodation in Multan are abundant. One can easily find a wide variety of hotels and guest houses ranging from cheap hotels, budget friendly motels to high-end luxury hotels. Whether you need accommodation near the railway station, the bus station or the airport. You can easily find cheap accommodation in Multan at

Visiting Multan on a budget?

Well, honestly you have got nothing to worry about! Even if you are on a budget, you won’t really feel that way since Multan is generally a very affordable and accommodating city. Whether you are looking for cheap hotels in Multan to stay in or cheap places to shop or eat, you will find it all. There is really nothing as expensive in Multan that would cause you to really go above and beyond your budget, unless you really really wanted to.

Convenience and Accommodation

Being a small town, Multan is a place where hospitality and convenience are a part and parcel of the city. Where ever you go, you will not find yourself too far away from a place to stay or a restaurant to eat at. With plenty of helpful people to guide your way and accommodation options of all types available, convenience is just part of the experience.

Transportation in Multan

The fifth largest city in the country, efficient transportation systems and modes are what keep this city going each day. To get in and out of the city, locals and tourists can use the Multan International Airport, the railway or the bus network that transports people in and out of the city. Other modes of public transportation such as buses, taxis and rent a car services are also easily available in the city.

The capital city of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, Peshawar is a city brimming with vibrance, grace, and beauty. It is basically a representation of what Pakistan was and is. The old beauty mixed with the new generation and a mix of the old culture and heritage merging with the new trends makes Peshawar an exciting place to visit. One of the oldest cities in existence, Peshawar is a place known for its mouth-watering food, rich culture, heritage, and hospitality.

Hotels and Guest Houses in Peshawar

Located in the northern region of the country, Peshawar is a place that is picturesque and truly beautiful. It is a place that one sees in movies and is a place where one wishes to settle in forever. While the hospitality of this place and its people indeed leaves one to not want to go back, they go above and beyond to ensure that your stay is as pleasurable as possible. Brimming with guests throughout the year for its beautiful winters and chilly summers, Peshawar has hotels and guest houses of all types ready to welcome guests with open arms. Whether you are looking for a cheap accommodation solution or want a fancy high-end three-star luxury hotel, you will find them all here at

Visiting Peshawar on a budget?

Peshawar is a city for people of all walks of life. It caters to people whether they come from affluent financial status or a tight with cash. You can find accommodation solutions from as little as Rs 1,000 a day to high-end luxury 3-star hotels. From cheap accommodation solutions to cheap transportation and hotels, one can easily stay in Peshawar on a budget.

Convenience and Accommodation

Peshawar being one of the oldest cities in the region has been properly planned out and provides easy access to accommodation regardless of what mode of transportation you used to enter the city. If you came to the city via the Bacha Khan International Airport, there are a plenty of hotels in close proximity that tourists can stay in. The same goes for when you are coming to the city via the railway station or the bus station.

Transportation in Peshawar

A city that is used for transit for other parts of the country as well, Peshawar has a very modern road network that tourists can use. Modern modes of transportation such as public buses, taxis, and private car rental services are also easily available in the city.

Undoubtedly the most famous tourist destination in all of Pakistan, Murree is definitely one place that every citizen of this country has visited at least once. Located north of the capital city of Islamabad, Murree is the ultimate tourist destination in the winter months when snow covers the roads of the city. Brimming with amazing tourist attractions, Murree is one place that has everything to cater to the needs of the local tourists and travelers.

Hotels and Guest Houses in Murree

Being a famous tourist destination, Murree has everything that one can wish for. From budget friendly motels to luxury hotels, Murree has it all. Guests have the convenience to book a hotel of their choice and preference. Whether one is looking for an affordable accommodation solution in Murree or a high end luxury hotel, you can easily find one. Just be sure to book in advance since there is a huge influx of tourists at almost all times of the year.

Visiting Murree on a budget?

Since Murree is a tourist destination and a place that runs solely on tourism, the prices are bound to be a bit more expensive than what you will find in general but Murree, although a bit more expensive than others, is a place where people with all types of budgets can have the time of their lives. They can eat some of the best food at road side dhabas and other inexpensive hotels spread across the hill station.

Convenience and Accommodation is your ultimate solution to your budget voes when you are out and about on a trip to any part of the country. Whether you are looking for a cheap hotel in Murree or need cheap airline tickets, all you need to do is visit and your work will be done. For the people that do not really have the luxury to splurge a whole lot of money, will be able to provide you with the best hotels at the best prices in the country.

Transportation in Murree

Murree is a hill station so the only modes of transportation one can expect to find in this city are cars and four wheel drives. Small public busses and taxis are also available in Murree.

The capital city of the province of Punjab in Pakistan, Lahore is a city that literally defines lively. The second largest and most populous city in Pakistan, Lahore is a place that leaves one spellbound and hooked onto its vibrant energy, rich cultural heritage, and the amazing food. With tales of love whisking through the air, the city of Lahore has an aura that mesmerizes everyone that visits and keeps you wanting more. From its flamboyant infrastructure to its age old buildings and historic sites, Lahore is a blend of the past and the future.

Hotels and Guest Houses in Lahore

Lahore is the type of city that likes to be mysterious and entertaining at the same time, just when you think that you have seen all, the city surprises you yet again, from the traditional Badshahi mosque, the Data Darbar, there are tons of other places such as the Lahore Fort, Wazir Khan Mosque, Delhi Gate, the walled city of Lahore as well as many other things. Once in the city, you will need weeks to explore and enjoy this city completely and bask in all that this city has to offer you. From going out to movies, visiting art galleries and museums to simply visiting historical sites, there is plenty to do for every tourist that visits Lahore. Home to some of the best hotels and restaurants in the country, you will find Lahore to have tastes of around the world with a distinct lahori touch, from roadside dhabas to the flamboyant 5-star hotels, each of these places are a treat to dine in. You have never really tasted good food if you haven’t tasted food in Lahore is what they say!

Visiting Lahore on a Budget?

Well, then you’ve got nothing to worry about! As they say, Lahore has a heart big enough to accommodate people of all walks of life, you will find cheap budget hotels as well as a score of 3-star hotels that are perfect for tourists that are not looking to splurge on food and accommodation. And well, is there to help you find the best deals on hotels in Lahore so what do you have to worry about?

Convenience and Accommodation

With a growing population and an increasing number of people that come to Lahore, the city has tried its best to accommodate people from all walks of life. Tourists coming to Lahore will easily be able to find decent hotels near the airport as well as any other major populous area that they wish to stay in. Spread evenly across the city, it is very easy to find hotels near the foreign embassies and ones loaded with various amenities.

Transportation in Lahore

The city with the most progressive and vast transportation system in the country, Lahore is a place that offers nothing but convenience when it comes to transportation. You can hail a ride in the metro bus or call an Uber or Careem right at your hotel! The modes of transportation in Lahore are aplenty so you will have no problem going about the city. The city also has the Daewoo bus service that brings people in and out of Lahore from all major cities of the country like Islamabad via the motorway as well as other routes.

Madinah is a city in Hejaza and is also a capital city of the Al Madinah region in Saudi Arabia. The city is home to the Masjid An Nabawi (The mosque of the Holy Prophet), which is also the burial place of the last Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and is the second holiest city for Muslims all around the world after Makkah. Madina was the place that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) migrated to after he left Makkah, and fast became the place of the widespread of Islam and its epicenter being ruled by the holy prophet himself and then by the four khalifahs. The city of Madina is also home to the three oldest mosques in the world, the Quba Mosque, the Masjid An-Nabawi and the Masjid al-Qiblatayn (the mosque of the two Qiblas). Just like Makkah, non-Muslims are also not allowed in the core religious places in Madinah but are more than welcome in the city itself.

Hotels in Madina

A sacred place of worship for the people of the Islamic faith, Madina is a holy city that receives a huge population and is the place with the famous Masjid e Nabwi is. Due to an ever increasing number of people that visit the holy city of Madina, there are various types of cheap as well as high-end luxury hotels available in the city.

Hotels and Guest Houses in Madina

Due to a high number of people that come to the city every day, the city has a considerable number of hotels of all types available in the city. Whether you are looking for a cheap and budget friendly hotel in Madina or a high-end luxurious 5-star hotel, you will easily find both in the city.

Visiting Madina on a budget?

Madina is a city where one really delves into worship and leaves behind all their worldly woes, so spending money on anything other than accommodation and food is out of the question most of the time. There are accommodation options of all types of budgets available in the city and one can rest assured that they will be able to find a good clean hotel in Madina with ease.

Transportation in Madina

The city has pretty much adapted to the fast paced tourism that it receives and has made proper arrangements to cater to it all. Tourists can easily grab a taxi, a bus or a private car to other cities of Saudia Arabia.