Khunjerab Pass:

Khunjerav Pass (Chinese: 红其拉甫口岸; Urdu: درہ خنجراب‎) (elevation 4,693 metres or 15,397 feet) is a high mountain pass in the Karakoram Mountains in a strategic position on the northern border of Pakistan (Region of Gilgit–Baltistan’s Hunza and Nagar Districts) and on the southwest border of China (the Xinjiangregion)

The Highest Border of the World: (The Khunjerab Pass)

Pakistan and China, the two friendly neighboring countries separated by the highest mountainous range of the world The Karakorum ranges. The only place connecting two countries together over this mountainous range is The Khunjerab Pass, at the height of 16,200 ft. Khunjerab Pass is the point were the Highest Paved international road The Karakorum Highway enters China connecting Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China and Gilgit–Baltistan of Pakistan. For those who love the high mountainous region, snow and cold weather this is a place must go. The nearest Pakistani town from Khunjerab is Sust that also act as the immigration and custom post. If you want to enter china Visa/Passport is required from their embassy in Islamabad, a bus service runs between Sust, Pakistan till Kashgar, China through Khunjerab Pass. But if you are not willing to visit china you can just go to the Khunjerab Pass and come back to Pakistan by just paying a nominal fee at the post. The Khunjerab Pass is worth visiting with its scenic beauty, awesome mountain views, the yaks grazing and the orange marmot. Since this place is at such high altitude, after November the crossing might be closed because of heavy snow. 


Its name is derived from two words of the local Wakhi language : ‘Khun’ means Blood and ‘Jerav’ means a creek coming from spring water/water falling.

Highest ATM in the world

It has the highest ATM in the world on Pakistani side from the National Bank of Pakistan.


In 2007, consultants were engaged to investigate the construction of a railway through this pass to connect China with transport in Pakistani-administered Gilgit-Baltistan. A feasibility study started in November 2009 for a line connecting Havelian 750 km (466 mi) away in Pakistan and Kashgar 350 km (217 mi) in Xinjiang.However no progress has been made thereafter and this project is also not part of the current CPEC plan.

Things to do in Khunjerab Pass:

You can do a lot of things in this picturesque valley such as hiking , bonefire, climbing , bonefire , canoing.If you prefer to try something more daring, you can swim into the lakes in the sunny days, but remember that the water is cold even in the summer.

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Where to stay:

You will find plenty of offers, depends on the budget or the location you pick. We suggest some places and best hotels in Khunjerab Pass that is quite famous for its spectacular view and scenery This village, surrounded by peaks and forests. Many private 5 star hotels in Khunjerab Pass ,houses or motels can be found at a reasonable price. Or you can forget all that and sleep a couple of days in a tent, captive in an amazing landscape.

Here we provide a list of Hotels which are the best hotels in Khunjerab Pass.

  • Minglig Guest House
  • Khunjarab Hotel
  • diamond palace guesthouse
  • Khunjerab Hotel Sost
  • Passu Tourist Lodge
  • Borith Inn Hotel & Restaurant
  • Borith Lake Hotel & Resort


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