Punjab, Pakistan Travel Guide

Discover Punjab

The province that houses more than half the country’s population and is also the largest area in Pakistan, Punjab is considered to be the heart of the country for which Lahore is the regional capital. Adjoining all provinces within Pakistan, its strategic location, right cultural heritage, lively atmosphere and harmony are just some of the qualities the province is famously known for.

The most common language spoken in Punjab is “Punjabi” and the province houses a 90% population of Punjabis; with a majority population of Muslims, other religious minorities such as Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Ahmedis and Parsis also call Punjab their home.

Travelling In Punjab

Some of the major cities in Punjab are Lahore, Sialkot and Islamabad, each with their very own airport. The province is also home to a very efficient bus system called the “Metro”. The province also houses a vast and efficient bus and road network capable of taking tourists and travelers to anywhere in the country. The most preferable way of travel in the region is either by bus or by train in order to explore the whole region.

Attractions in Punjab

The province is famously known and is very popular amongst tourists for its historical sites such as the antique city of Harrapa, Badshahi Mosque, and Shalimar Gardens. Jehangir’s tomb and the famous Anarkali are also major tourist attractions that one shouldn’t miss. The province also houses Sikh shrines and is even the birthplace of the first guru of the Sikh religion. For the travelers, world class cuisines, shopping, trekking, golfing, biking along with museums, galleries and historic landscapes are just some of the things to make your trip fulfilling and memorable.

Accommodation in Punjab

The hospitable traits of the indigenes of Punjab to accommodate and cater to every need of its guests in a cordial way is reflected in their hotels and the hospitality industry all over, make for a very pleasant stay in the province. You will find hotels in every price range in the province, from luxury hotels such as the Nishat hotel, Crown Plaza and Best Western to the more affordable guest houses, there is accommodation available for all budget types.