Package Specifications:

No. of Nights 08 Days 07 Nights
Proposed Month of Travelling March– 2019
Transport As per the Itinerary
Pax 02


Package Price:

Ranking HOTELS

Per person price

Double Room

4* 4 STAR Hotel  (PATTAYA)                      US $934.00  


Visa Fee
Malaysia visa fee                  :               USD $ 79.00 Per Person
Thailand visa fee                  :               USD $ 48.00 Per Person


Package Includes:

  • Daily Breakfast In Hotel
  • Airport Pick & Drop Malaysia & Thailand
  • 02 Nights’ Accommodation at chosen Hotel in Pattaya
  • 02 Night ‘ Accommodation at chosen Hotel in Bangkok
  • 03 nights’ Accommodation at chosen Hotel in Kuala Lumpur
  • Chao Phraya Cruise with Diner Bangkok
  • Al Cazar show Pattaya
  • Coral island Pattaya
  • City tour Kuala lumpur
  • Sunway Lagoon Tour Kuala lumpur by Private Vehicle including Six Parks Entrance Tickets
  • Full Day Genting Highland Tour including 02 way cable car entrance tickets & BATU cave Photo shoot


  • Package Only & No rooms booked at this stage
  • The rates quoted above are price guide only
  • Rates & Availability may change without prior notice at the time of definite booking

Package Specifications:

No. of Nights 05 Days 04 Nights
Proposed Month of Travelling MARCH – 2019
Transport As per the Itinerary
Pax  02

Package Price:

HOTELS Per person price
Double Room
4 STAR Hotel Pattaya                      US $507.00
4 STAR Hotel Bangkok


Thailand visa fee     :    USD $ 48.00 Per Person

Package Includes:

  • Daily Breakfast In Hotel
  • Airport Pick & Drop
  • 02 Nights’ Accommodation at chosen Hotel in Pattaya
  • 02 Night ‘ Accommodation at chosen Hotel in Bangkok
  • Al Cazar show Pattaya
  • Coral island Tour Pattaya
  • Chaophraya cruise Dinner Bangkok


  • Package Only & No rooms booked at this stage
  • The rates quoted above are price guide only
  • Rates & Availability may change without prior notice at the time of definite booking

The diverse landscape of Thailand coupled with its historically significant architecture makes it a land bursting with attractions. The tropical beaches and rich green forests of Thailand make it scenically diverse and beautiful, while its nightclubs, spree markets and classy restaurants give way for a more commercial form of entertainment. Adventurous water rides, tours of ancient temples, museum showcasing the country’s rich history and restaurant offering delicious Thai food are all attractions to look forward to.

Honeymoon Destinations in Thailand

To make your Honeymoon memorable there are many great places in Thailand to visit alongside your significant other:

Koi Samui

It’s one of the many island located in Thailand and represents everything that the country stands for. With clear blue beaches surrounded by deep forestry the island is aesthetically stunning and gives a beautiful outlook to nature’s beauty.

Koi Samui is also closely linked with nearby towns so visitors have easy access to shopping malls, nightclubs and pubs to gain first-hand experience of Thailand’s happening nightlife!

Ko Chang District

Koi Chang District is another must-see island in the gulf of Thailand with breath-taking sites surrounding it; Tropical beaches flowing crystal blue water, deep jungle with high canopies, hiking trails, and the Chang Natural Park with a beautiful waterfall. The island has many resorts and hotels on the west coast having incredible views from the balconies.

Affordable Vacation Spots in Thailand

If you’re just recovering from your extravagant wedding expenses or planning a family trip on a budget then Thailand has you covered. The country offers incredible vacation spots that are light on your pocket and still incredibly entertaining


There are many significant monuments and architectural sites worth visiting in Bangkok like the grand palace. Along with shopping malls that give off the cultural vibe of the country, restaurant offering high end Thai dishes and street vendors’ offerings tantalizing snacks. Bangkok is a very busy city, with something happening at the end of each street.

Top Tourists Attractions in Thailand 

Phi Phi Island

Phi phi Island has a host of activities to engage tourists in:

Witness the breathtaking view from the phi phi point, go scuba diving in the beaches, experience underwater life below the sea, go viking in a cave in the Koh phi phi Leh, or go rock climbing over the Tonsai Towers.

The number of sites to see and activities to carry out on phi phi Island are virtually unlimited!


The GrandPalace: This architectural masterpiece is the city’s most notable landmark that shares the country’s history and culture, and showcases the emerald Buddha that dates back to 1300s. The grand palace displays the royal life of the Thai Kings and his descendants, back to when it was built in 1782. The detailed and extravagant design of the building is simply awe inspiring making it an absolutely must see destination.

Pattaya Island

Jomtien Beach: A great place for beach lovers to spend a relaxing day while sunbathing in the clear water, along with entertaining those who immensely enjoy water sports. Jomtien beach is recognized for hosting many water sport festival for jet skiing, parasailing, scuba diving and surfing.


Phang Nga Bay: While visiting Phuket one must absolutely visit the Phang Nga Bay. Huge limestone cliffs protrude out of the steady green waters while your boat move in and out through the caves, waiting to see what new sight comes unveiling out from the other end.

Where to stay in Thailand?

A complete vacation in Thailand is generally affordable and hotel prices also lie in the same frame. Multiple standard of hotels are available in Thailand depending on your budget and your needs. Some of the noteworthy ones include:

Relax Bay Koh Lanta

Located alongside the Andaman Sea the hotel has a spectacular view. All visitors are entertained with numerous beach activities ranging from volleyball, snorkelling and surfing. The hotel itself adopts a rustic feel and makes for a good comfy place to stay at, that too at a cheap price.

The Siam Heritage Boutique

It is located at a walking distance from Patpong and comes under the more luxurious category. With antique furniture, splendid decor, rooftop swimming pools, spas and parlours, and intricately designed suites. The hotel promises to cater to guests like royalty.

How to Travel when in Thailand?

Transportation facilities are well developed in Thailand and visitors should face no difficulty in getting their way around.

Tuk Tuks

These 3 wheeled automobiles are a more efficient way to get around the busy streets of Bangkok and are much cheaper as well

Mass Transit in Bangkok

There is an above ground and underground light rail system in Bangkok that allows smoother transportation within the busy city.

Bus & Sŏrng•tăa•ou and Taxis:

Taxis and city buses efficiently function in Thailand. For buses there are fixed bus stops which operate along a given route. Sŏrng•tăa•ou, which are a local form of transportation and in appearance are like a small pick-up truck with benches placed for passengers.

Sŏrng•tăa•ous may operate on fixed routes or function like taxis depending on which area you grab one from.  Other than that Uber services are also available in Thailand so transportation by road should not pose any difficult.


The national carries of Thailand is Thai International Airways

The Best Restaurants in Thailand

The food and cuisines offered in Thailand and are absolutely delicious. Be sure to visit some of the most famous restaurant in Thailand to experience the country’s true native flavour.

Nahm Restaurant: Offering some of the most flavoursome Thai curries in the city this restaurant offers a luxurious and dining affair for families and friends. The Staff is friendly, the interior is lavish and the food is exquisite.

La Table De Tee: With a constantly upgrading menu of La Table De Tee is a restaurant with a simple setting but the presentation and taste of the food are its distinguishing features accompanied by friendly staff and classic Thai flavours.

Halal Restaurants in Thailand

Home Cuisine Islamic Restaurant: Located in the Bangrak District of Bangkok the restaurant catering to Muslim diners offers a wide variety of cuisines from Thai, Chinese to Indian. With an elaborate menu the place offers delicious dishes at a good price.

Usman Thai Restaurant: For Muslim diners eager to try true ethnic Thai flavours this restaurant is a good choice. The restaurant is well maintained and comfortable, the menu is affordable and the quality of food is definitely above par.