Package specifications:

No. of Nights 05 Days 04 Nights
Proposed Month of Travelling March – 2019
Transport As per the Itinerary
Pax 02


Package Price:

Ranking HOTELS Per person price
Double Room


                                      4 * HOTEL in Baku

USD 325.00 Per person


Azerbaijan visa fee: USD $ 50.00 per person

Package Includes:

  • Hotel accommodation 4 nights in Baku
  • Daily breakfast
  • A-H-A transfers
  • All transportation as per itinerary
  • Entrance fees
  • Breakfast in Hotel
  • Transfer to hotel / Panoramic city tour Upland park, Flame towers, Funicular, Carpet Museum, Little Venice,
  • Absheron & Old city tours Baku Old City tour. Maiden Tower, Shirvanshkh’s Palace, caravanserai, ancient bathes, Miniature Books Museum, mosques, craft houses
  • Qobustan :Gobustan National Park, officially Gobustan Rock Art Cultural Landscape, is a hill and mountain site occupying the southeast end of the Greater Caucasus mountain ridge in Azerbaijan
  • Haydar Aliyev Center tours: HeydarAliyevCenter is an area of 619000 square feet. The building complex in Baku on the draft Iraqi-British architect ZahaHadid, and is known for its distinctive architecture
  • Shopping tour and Baku Boulevard tour


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  • The rates quoted above are price guide only zRates & Availability may change without prior notice at the time of definite booking

Serene Air Tickets Refund Policy


  • Before 48 hours
  • Modification charges /Segment 600
  • Refund charges/segment 600
  • Within 48 to 6 hours to departure
  • Modification charges /Segment 1000
  • Refund charges/segment 1000
  • Within 6 hours to flight departure and after the flight departure up to 29 days
  • Modification charges /Segment 1300
  • Refund charges/segment 1300

Note: All mention charges are segment wise, If PAX is on round trip charges will be double.

Ticket Validity:

  • Ticket is valid for 29 days after flight departure
  • Expired tickets have no value, cannot be changed, cancelled or refunded
  • In case of the death of the passenger refund charges will be completely waived off.

Someone said very truly: “You don’t need magic to disappear; all you need is a destination”. Since you are reading this article, I can assume that you want to travel. Globalization and increase in competitions, travel patterns are continuously changing in many countries. Traveling has never been so easy earlier. However, the game-changing policy of governments, and the corporation can make it difficult for you to travel hassle free. In order to avoid any problem, and before you start to pack your luggage, and rush to the airport, you should make it confirm that your documents are in order. In this article, Ill provide you some tips, how to make a hassle-free ride. We often get confused what should we do first buy the ticket or apply for VISA Here’s what you need to take with you, and how to make sure it’s up to date.

  • Visa

If you are planning to travel in the foreign country, make it confirm if your passport requires the visa. If yes apply as soon as possible. Make sure you fulfill all the requirements of visa and first you should need to get visa form. Visa is an official permission by the government that allows you to travel in their country. Make sure to know your traveling purpose, if you are traveling for tourism or for some special activity, such as Job, or study. In case you require Visa, It is important that you should apply for it in 1-3 months in advance, sometime it is easy to get the visa for the specific country, while it can be difficult for many. Since there is the increase in immigration and border disputes, many countries are changing their requirement of VISA eligibility.

Recently European commission is planning to call off free visa-free traveling for Americans. In the same time, America and UK have restricted their immigration and traveling policy. But, No worry there are many countries where getting a visa is not a tedious task. Now a day, many Asian countries provide visa on arrival and 90 days easy e-visa facilities to boost their tourism. So, make it sure not to forget checking these details.

  • Ticketing

I can assume as soon as you decided that you want to travel you must be searching for the inexpensive price. Despite of this in-depth search you often end up with an expensive ticket and you may wonder how come the others get inexpensive airlines tickets and facilities than yours. Answer is simple: Flight tickets are very much influenced by several factors such as price, schedule, ease of purchasing, and customer loyalty Now a day, many travelers are moving towards from agent based traveling to independent ticket purchasing. But with so many options and services in internet, booking a flight ticket can be very stressful. We often get confused and tensed that if the tickets we are buying are economical and if there is any chance of decrease in prices.

It is true corporate competitions have given many opportunities for travelers, such as competitive ticket pricing and other facilities. However, often many don’t know how to find these hidden surprises and so instead of saving the money we end up in paying more and miss many benefits. I would recommend finding reputed travel agency for this hassle-free traveling, as they are more responsible to make each and every arrangement according to your convenience. However Travelco is the best choice for you. Travelco spend their all research options in finding best and inexpensive flights for you they have more research sources then us. When you book a ticket you don’t have to worry if lunch and refreshments are included in your ticket. What to do if your luggage got lost in airport. Importantly often when we purchase ticket we often missed many perks such as free lounge service or extra-miles’ award. Now a day, travel agencies look after all the precise details you are looking for they can make your ticket, a hassle free ride.

  • Adventure

Looking forward for having a pleasing adventure is the most important thing while traveling. You should research about hidden secret places that often local enjoy in your destination place. When you are, they don’t spend much time on all these social networks, no one wants to read how about how you checked Facebook from your hotel room all day. Explore the food you would want to try, and experiences that you want to have as you go on your traveling, make sure to keep a notebook, and when you find some interesting thing during your trip don’t forget to jot it down the precise details. At the end of journey when you will be back these little moments will make your journey unforgettable.